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Religious Items for Church or School Fundraising

Whether you’re fundraising for your church group, or for your Christian school, you can raise the money you need by reselling religious items.

Tired of doing bake sales and craft sales for your church fundraising efforts? Why not try selling religious items instead? Your fellow churchgoers or students will love buying high quality religious items like Angels and Holy ElementsCrosses and Crucifixes, Religious Figures, Jewelry and Pendants, Nativities and Ornaments, religious key chains and more. They’ll be proud to have these religious items and to give them as gifts, and they’ll feel good helping you raise money for a worthy cause.

Here are some church fundraising tips for you to try:
Church Fundraising Tip #1: Set up a table outside of services and sell religious items.
Ask your priest or pastor to make an announcement at the end of the service, letting people know that you are raising money and inviting them to stop at the table to browse and sell on the spot.

Church Fundraising Tip #2: Sell raffle tickets for religious jewelry items.
If you think that the excitement of a raffle is what works best to raise the money you need, you can sell raffle tickets and give away religious jewelry, religious ceramics, olive wood and mother of pearl articles for prizes. 

Church Fundraising Tip #3: Pick one product from our selection of religious items and advertise it in your church bulletin.
You might find it difficult to choose just one of our religious items to sell, but this may be one of the most effective ways to raise your money. Mother of Pearl cross or ceramic religious plate can be good choices, since they’re good for both men and women. Highlight these religious items in the church bulletin and take orders for a set period of time. Be sure to advertise the deadline so no one misses out. Advertising the deadline, and having it announced frequently, creates a sense of urgency that is likely to increase your sales.

Church Fundraising Tip #4: Give out Fresh Water Mother of Pearl or Hematite bracelets in exchange for a donation.
One of the best church fundraising ideas is to ask for donations for your cause and offer Fresh Water Mother of Pearl or Hematite bracelets as a thank you. You’ll be surprised how many people who normally wouldn’t donate will change their minds and give you money, and you’ll also be surprised to discover how much money you can make using this simple and successful fundraising technique!

Church Fundraising Tip #5: Set up donation levels.
To encourage people to give more than they might usually, set up donation levels and offer different religious items, with the value of the items going up as the donation levels increase. For example, you could offer Hematite bracelets for a $10 donation, large prayer olive wood cross for a $50.00 donation and mother of pearl cross for a $100 donation. Many people may donate more to receive the item they find most attractive.

Use these church fundraising tips and sell our religious items, and you’ll be sure to raise the money you need!

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